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Arizona Landscape

Welcome to this website featuring the artwork of Kevin Michael Miller.  Most of the images you will see depict the natural beauty and diversity of the Arizona landscape from giant saguaros and beautiful sunsets to mountain streams and pine trees.  The human presence in the landscape is also a familiar theme that sets the stage for the minds-eye story to unfold.  The paintings include landscape, architecture, figurative and surreal subject matter.  

The artist’s style can be described as impressionist realism that incorporates a dramatic use of light, scale, and creates a sense of depth to the images inviting the observer to enter.  From tranquil scenes defined by soft light and subtle color to bold vast spaces rendered in a deep, rich, earthy palette, these paintings are designed to intrigue both mind and spirit.   Enjoy!

About the artist and website

Kevin Michael Miller has been painting since his early teen years.  Please see the artist statement and biography for more information on his philosophy toward his art and his accomplishments as an artist to date.  This website was designed to provide a wide range of viewers with the opportunity to become acquainted with the artist’s vision and an opportunity to collect his work. 

The gallery, giclee prints and commissioned work


The gallery section displays original paintings that are currently available for acquisition.  The giclee section contains images of paintings are that available in limited edition prints and can be purchased on-line.  The artist has produced a significant amount of artwork on a commission basis and enjoys working directly with the client to create artwork(s) designed for a particular space.  Please visit the commissioned work section for images and information on commissioning artwork.

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